Top 10 Best Headphones under 1000 with Mic with Buying Guide

Exploring great songs and music without a headphone of good quality is similar to hearing to noise. Everyone’s choice of music is not the same; neither does everyone listen to the same genres of music. Music preferences vary from person to person, and so does the preference for headphones. Some like In-ear earphones and some opt for Over-the-ears.

Preferences also vary on brand choices, budget range, designs. Considering all these points, we have tried to summarize a list of ten best headphones with mic under an affordable budget. This blog will definitely help you out in searching for a good one for yourself.

Top 10 Headphones Under 1000 with Mic

1) JBL C100S1 In-Ear Headphones

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Red)

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JBL never fails to please their customers with deep bass in their headphones. This in-ear headphone has a pure bass sound with a lightweight and comfortable attire. Built with a 3.5mm gold plated jack, this headphone has a microphone with a one-button remote.

If you long-press the button, then Google voice assistance will get activated. On both of the ears, the logo of JBL is printed. You can easily pick this one for your daily use.


  • Noise isolation is available.
  • One-button remote microphone.
  • Google voice assistance.
  • Value of money.


  • No drawbacks of this product have been reported yet.

2) PTron Headphone with Mic

pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver, in-Ear Gaming Wired Headphones with in-line Mic, Volume Control & Passive Noise Cancelling Boom 3 Earphones - (Dark Blue)

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PTron headphones come with in-ear dual-driver wired earphones. It provides stereo sound and deep bass with balanced tones, which provides a perfect musical experience. This premium designed product is built with long-lasting material and provides a 3.5 mm gold plated jack.

The presence of the dual driver causes a better separation of sound. You can easily avail of this widely compatible, hi-fi stereo sound headphone, specially designed for music lovers.


  • On-the cord remote control
  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Perfect for gamers.
  • Highly compatible.


  • No downsides have been reported yet.

3) JBL C50HI Earphones with Mic

JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)

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Again coming with another model of JBL, this ergonomically designed product has the JBL logo printed on both the ears. Apart from providing signature sound with high clean bass, it has a 3.5 mm L-shaped jack, which helps in easier connection with laptops and other devices.

This ultralight, comfortable product with three sized ear tips can be a great choice for you.


  • One-button remote microphone.
  • Noise isolation microphone.
  • High Fidelity Twin cable.
  • One year warranty.


  • It’s not moisture resistant.

4) Boat 225 Earphones with Mic

boAt Bassheads 225 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Neon Lime)

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Nowadays, the boat is producing many products to keep pace with others. Products of boat ar are generally tangle-free. This product also comes up with a tangle-free cable and gold plated L-shaped jack for easy use.

The In-line mic ensures hand-free calling. You can go for this ergonomically designed, metallic finished bodied headphones and enjoy the full-on super extra bass sound.


  • Active noise cancellation.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Additional earbuds provided.
  • Durable, tangle free PVC cable.


  • Extra bass may be problematic for some people.

5) Honor AM115 Earphones with Mic

Honor AM115 Half in-Ear Earphones with mic (White)

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Honor has emerged out to be one of the leading brands in the market of technological products, be it in smartphones or any other technological devices. This white colored earphone is comfortable to wear and features multiple ventholes for high-quality music and call experiences.

The ear canal shape gives an optimum shape to the earbuds making it comfortable to wear. Built of plastic, material, this simple yet elegant product can be your best go.


  • Great acoustics.
  • Three-button control.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Elegant design.


  • Warranty is not provided.

6) Boat 100 In-ear with Mic

boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Furious Red)

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Once again, coming up with a boat, this hawk inspired designed product, with a color texture of sweet pink, is an attractive one. This product has a cable of perfect length with an in-line microphone.

It’s available in many other sweet, vibrant colors. If you are a boat fan, then go for this in-ear headphone and enjoy the super extra bass in your favorite music.


  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Durable, tangle-free PVC cable.
  • In-line mic.
  • One year warranty period.


  • Not suitable while working out.

7) Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones

Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Dark Blue)

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Sony is one of the costliest products of all. But the quality they provide is classy and long-lasting enough. This headphone of Sony is provided with 9mm neodymium drivers, which provides powerful and balanced sound.

This product is quite comfortable and fits comfortably to your ears, and the sound quality of Sony products needs no explanation as it renders one of the best ear soothing sounds. Also, it comes with a wire manager that prevents your headphones from getting tangled. You will also get some extra comfortable fitting silicone earbuds.


  • One-year manufacturing warranty.
  • In-line mic.
  • 9mm neodymium drivers.
  • Y-shaped cord.


  • No drawbacks of this product have been found yet.

8) Boat 242 earphones with Mic

boAt Bassheads 242 in Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Active Black)

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Boat bassheads 242 in-ear wired earphones provide 10 mm, dynamic drivers, with moisture-resistant earbuds. The microphone is in-line and has a multi-function button.

Earbuds are combined with secure-fit ear hooks, which prevents the earbuds from slipping. You can choose this for your daily use and enjoy the high definition audio to the fullest extent.


  • Active Noise Cancellation.
  • IPX4 sweat & water-resistant earbuds.
  • Worthy of money.
  • In-line microphone.


  • Earrings are slightly non-comfortable.

9) Motorola Pace 100 Earphones with Mic

Motorola Pace 100 in-Ear Headphones with Mic & Alexa Built-in(Black)

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Are you in search of something through which you can search for something on google or book a cab? With complete AI support, you can get access to Alexa. Pace 100 delivers a powerful base with soothing trebles and crisp mids and highs.

It has an integrated microphone with it, with the help of which you can accept, reject, change songs with a single click. For extra comfort, three different sizes of buds are provided.


  • Google assistance enabled.
  • Proper in-ear seal.
  • 10mm speaker driver.
  • Clear sound and quality base.


  • No warranty is provided.

10) Boult Bassbuds X1 earphones with Mic

Boult Audio BassBuds X1 in-Ear Wired Earphones with 10mm Extra Bass Driver and HD Sound with mic(Black)

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Boult Audio Bassbuds X1 In-ear earphones render ergonomically designed drivers with aluminum body. This lightweight, comfortable, premium metallic finished earphone provides snug fit earbuds that fit perfectly to your ears and suitable enough if you are an earphone user while running, jogging, and working out.

If you are a sound addict, then surely go for this, as you will get incredibly detailed high definition audio with 3D sound.


  • Built-in mic.
  • High-quality acoustics.
  • One-button universal control.
  • IPX5 moisture resistant.


  • No warranty period is provided.

Buying Guide for the Best headphones with Mic

Are you in search of getting the best headphones for yourself and cannot find the perfect one among a number of products? We have listed here several factors that you should follow before picking up the right one for yourself. If you go through this section once, this might be a great help for you.

Choosing the Headphone Type

The primary thing you should make sure of before choosing the right one for you is the type of headphone. There are different types of headphones available in the market, in-ear, over-the-ear, wired, wireless, with a mic, or without a mic. Make sure which one is your choice and proceed accordingly.

Sensitivity Check

Are you extremely nit-picky regarding the volume of your headphone? Then you should definitely look into the matter of sensitivity. The maximum of the headphones has sensitivity nearly around 96-110 dB approx. Headphone with sensitivity below 85 dB is too soft and above 110db is loud enough to damage your hearing. Hence, you should definitely check the sensitivity before buying the best one for you.

Checking the Comfortability

It is necessary to find earphones that will be comfortable for long hours. Make sure that the earbuds are fitting comfortably in your ear and do not fall apart. Instead of the hard earbuds, go for the ones who provide rubber earbuds. Rubber ones fit comfortably to your ears.

Active Noise Cancellation and Passive Noise Isolation

These are the two major factors that should be kept in mind while buying headphones. Infact the overall sound experience and your safety depend on these factors. If you are always prone to noisy environments, then headphones with active noise cancellation must be your priority, as you will get the experience of superficial sound.

But, active noise cancellation sometimes causes headaches and pain to the ears because of high pressure. So, you can opt for headphones with regular(passive) isolation.

Sound Quality

Headphones without proper sound quality is like life without a heart. Therefore, it is advised to check the audio Quality, bass of the notes, treble, equalizing richness, the mids, and highs. All these factors, if present properly, can deliver an excellent sound experience. You should check this feature before choosing the right one for you.

Design and Built Quality Check

Sleek, attractive designs are always a top priority for customers. But, you should keep in mind that sleek, fine headphones are durable enough to be used for a long time. Durability and Build Quality should not be compromised for attractiveness. Hence, go for the ones, which are durable as well as attractive enough.

Microphone Quality

This is one of the major factors to check for when you are buying headphones with a microphone. Sometimes, it is seen that the sound Quality is mesmerizing, but the microphone comes out to be faulty. Hence, while buying a headphone, check the microphone thoroughly.

Moisture Resistance

Nowadays, people get the least time to sit idle and listen to music. Maximum of the people use music as a relaxing element and hence, listen to songs while at work, gyms, or doing vigorous work. At these times, people may sweat a lot. Hence, earphones should be such that it remains in its place even if there is moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is microphone available on earphones?

Yes, microphones are available on earphones, but that depends on the brand of the product. Usually, microphones on earphones do not have a fine working mic. So, in case you are looking for a quality mic, make your purchase likewise.

2) Does Quality depends on a budget?

In some cases, this is true, but not in all cases. Sometimes, irrespective of the high price, they do not provide quality products. You need to search for something which is budget worthy. Our suggestion goes with the fact, not to cheap out on the quality, as well as there is no point in burning out your pocket for the sake of getting a headphone.

3) Visual Aesthetics or Quality – which should be considered important?

Fashion is really a major driving factor for almost the majority of the people. But, quality is more important than fashion. It will be unjustifiable enough if you choose fashion over Quality. Rather, it’s advisable to satisfy your fashion without compromising with the audio quality. But, certainly visual aesthetics has a huge role to play as well.

Final Takeaway

So, here is our list of best earphones with mic under 1000. You might be confused about getting the right one for yourself. Go through this list and guide. This article will definitely help you out in picking up the best for yourself.

Neither less to say, all the products mentioned with the list are some of the best you can find out there in the market. So, choose the one that works best for you and you are always good to go.

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